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USA Domestic 1.8¢

Canada 1.5¢
Argentina 1.5¢

Brazil 1.8¢

Mexico 2¢

Puerto Rico 1.5¢

China 1.5¢

Taiwan 1.8¢

Hong Kong 1.7¢

Indonesia 3.6¢

India 14.3¢

Japan 2.5¢

Malaysia 3¢

Philippines 14¢

Singapore 1.5¢

South Korea 2.2¢

Vietnam 4.5¢

Denmark 3.6¢

France 2.2¢

Germany 2.2¢

Italy 2.4¢

United Kingdom 4.3¢

Russia 1.9¢

Switzerland 2.2¢

 Other Regions
Australia 2.2¢

New Zealand 3.6¢

Egypt 23.8¢



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Vietnam Card      

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    444 Mins to Vietnam by Local Access
    No Connection Fee!
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Customer Service
Access Number 1-800-725-1352
Local Access Numbers
Dial Instructions 1. Dial Access Number
2. Enter your pin No.
3. To call within the United States, to Canada or to the Carbbean:
Enter 1 + area code + tele No. + #
To call other country:
Enter 011 + country code + city code + tele No. + #
Expiration 90 Days After Purchase
Note 1 minute rounding for all calls. $0.89 charge when used from a payphone. No monthly maintenance fee. Additional 2 cents per minute will be charged for calls made from 800 toll free access numbers. Mobile phone user who has unlimited night and weekend long distance minutes can take advantage of local access numbers and save lots of money.This card can not be used in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.
Disclaimer Rates subject to change without notice.

Rate Info for Vietnam Card:
Rate subject to change without notice. Rates to cellphone are higher unless indicated.
Country/Region Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes   Country/Region Con. fee($) Rate (¢/min) Minutes
Cambodia-Local 0.00 10.0 200   Cambodia 0.00 12.1 165
Laos-Local 0.00 8.0 250   Laos 0.00 10.0 200
Myanmar-Local 0.00 34.4 58   Myanmar 0.00 36.9 54
Vietnam-Local 0.00 4.5 444   Vietnam 0.00 6.5 307
Rate subject to change without notice. Rates to cellphone are higher unless indicated.

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